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There is so much rock climbing gear in a climbers’ rack, but the one thing all those pieces have in common is that they are designed to connect you to your rope. Should you ever need it your rope is there to save your life, but most of the time climbers just need a rope that handles well and doesn’t create too much friction. The Wilderness Shop stock a wide range of  50m, 60m and 70m dynamic ropes from Sterling and Edelrid from 9.2mm up to 11mm. We also stock Melbourne’s largest range of high quality static rope from 1.5mm to 11mm, as well as webbing, shock cord and other bits and pieces which are all available by the metre


Dynamic Ropes





Sterling Fusion Nano IX 9.0mm


Sterling Fusion Ion 9.4mm 

The Nano 9.0mm, with its super skinny construction offers high end performance and long term durability on extreme onsights, redpoints, and alpine routes. NOTE: Due to these ropes' small diameters, it is recommended they only be used for onsights, redpoints, and NOT for top-roping or working of routes. 

Thin, but not scary thin, high performance and lightweight climbing rope for experienced sport and trad climbers. Despite its narrow diameter the rope boasts an UIAA fall rating of 5 and an impact force of 8.1kN. The Ion2 weighs only 57 grams per meter and features  DryCore construction .


Sterling Evo Velocity 9.8mm


Sterling Marathon  10.1mm
(50m / 60m / 70m)

Just the right amount of stiffness, so your rope doesn't flop during critical clips and its silky smooth sheath withstands abrasion and slides effortlessly to reduce rope drag. This is the rope of choice for Chris Sharma and is what he uses for working the toughest routes.

The Marathon Pro can easily be described as the best all around rope for durability and handling. Marathon series are constructed with a thicker sheath for durability and long lasting performance. It features a low impact force and as with all of Sterling ropes, DryCore.


Sterling Marathon 10.4mm
(50m / 60m)


Edelrid Taipan 10.0mm (70m)

At 10.4mm, the Sport is designed to be light and versatile, yet still very durable with great handling. This mid-size Marathon also features the Sterling DryCore. Marathon series are constructed with a thicker sheath for durability and long lasting performance.

A brand new 10mm Edelrid climbing rope, upcycled from leftover yarns to reduce waste. The use of leftover yarns means that each rope is unique - colours and designs are assorted but otherwise it has all the same characteristics as a normal climbing rope. Naturally, it complies with all the applicable safety standards. The Edelrid Taipan contains no splices (as with all Edelrid ropes). There is no compromise on the quality of this rope. This quality single rope is also bluesign certified and made in Germany.


Edelrid Tjuringa 10.0mm (60m)


Edelrid Tower 10.5mm 200m

A solid, good choice for an all-round 60-metre rope. The Tjuringa was specially produced by Edelrid for Australia. It has Thermo Shield treatment, which gives the rope the handling and suppleness that Edelrid is famous for.

The edelrid Tower rope is designed specifically for the harsh environments of indoor climbing gyms and natural climbing environments. At 10.5mm the Edelrid Tower rope offers zero sheath slippage, this rope is sure to outlast the competition! Great for top-rope set ups.











Static Ropes (per metre)





Sterling Superstatic 11mm


Sterling static accessory rope

1.5 to 8mm accessory cord.Sold per metre off the reel. Useful for a wide variety of purposes.  

Sold per metre off 200m reels. Sterling make the best quality static rope. Sterling's SuperStatic ropes are 100% nylon. They are designed with a supple, durable sheath to reduce bulk and stiffness and provide smoother rappels. Their tough, resilent cores are engineered to provide strength, proper elongation and exceptional handling. These ropes are easy to knot, stay round over an edge, and have minimal elongation when under load. 













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The Wilderness Shop has been servicing the needs of bushwalkers, hikers,  rock climbers and xc skiers in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne for over 30  years. The Wilderness Shop has a wide range of hiking gear and climbing equipment including hiking boots, tents (one man and two man), climbing equipment, sleeping bags and led headlamps. We also specialise in outdoor footwear: hiking shoes mens and womens, leather and gore-tex hiking boots. We stock quality canvas hiking packs, bushwalking rucksacks, lightweight trekking packs and quality daypacks. The Wilderness Shop have the best sleeping mats - the exped downmat and self inflating mats - and hiking sleeping bags as well as ultralight sleeping bags. Not to mention our range of trekking maps for Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. The Wilderness Shop is Melbourne's best rock climbing store, stocking a wide range of rock climbing harnesses, shoes and other rock climbing gear.