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backcountry xcd & TELEMARK touring skis


madshus EPOCH ski

The Madshus Epoch is a similar ski to the Madshus Eon ski, except it has wider tip and tail, with a deep side-cut. The side-cut helps with quick turn initiation and importantly helps link turns together. This is the ski for those who approach touring as a means to get out onto the backcountry slopes.
$639.95    Available in-store.





The Madshus Annum ski takes the basic shape of the Madshus Epoch ski and beefs it up. Increased width for greater stability in steep terrain and for flotation in soft or cruddy snow. What you have here is a ski built for going downhill with control and purpose. Think of the Madshus Annum ski as a downhill telemark  ski with a patterned base.
$649.95    Available in-store.




fischer s bound 98 ski

The Fischer Traverse 78 ski is an all-terrain ski-touring ski that does well both on and off groomed trails. It has the width to float you through deep snow. Its Nordic Rocker Camber is great for breaking fresh trails. Steel edges on this weight-optimised ski makes them grip even in icy conditions. The Fischer Traverse 78 climbs well and can make short turns in tight spots. An ideal ski for touring and exploring.
$574.95    Available in-store.
SALE $439.95   189CM ONLY




asnes nosi 76 ski

On the way down, the Nosi 76 offers the feeling of a classic touring ski, solid and stable. On the ascent, however, it feels like you’re shinning up the hill on a pair of rando-race class skis. The Nosi 76 is the perfect ski for those who want to explore the mountains, logging as much altitude as possible during the season: at a mere 1075g underfoot, don’t worry about the height of the approach. A turn radius of 18.2m (172cm) and a slim waist makes the Nosi 76 perfect for turns on solid and hard surfaces. On snowy winter days, the soft tip and the construction of the rocker and taper floats you easily over the fresh new snow. In order to keep the weight low and maintain the skiability, the Nosi 76 has a wood core made of poplar and paulownia, reinforced with carbon and fiberglass. These skis are equipped with Skinlock for the instant attachment of the X-Skin Access skin – a short and lightweight climbing skin, perfect for long approaches and moderate terrain, that fits in the jacket pocket. The Access skin is so light that there’s simply no reason not to take it with you.
$859.95    Available in-store.



backcountry xcd & TELEMARK touring ski boots


alpina 1550 ski boot

The Alpina 1550 ski boot is an extremely comfortable and well-insulated cross-country skiing boot for trail skiing and light ski-touring. The Alpina 1550 is an NBC boot that is compatible with either the Rottefella NBC Automatic or Manual binding.
$369.95    Available in-store.




alfa 344 bc advance gtx ski boot

The Alfa 344 BC Advance GTX ski boot is a premium backcountry ski boot, with a full-grain leather upper and Gore-Tex® lining. Using the NBC binding system, the Alfa 344 BC Advance GTX ski boot ideal for day-touring on and off the trails in Australia’s alpine areas.
$599.95    Available in-store.




andrew claut ski boot

The Andrew Claut ski boot is a heavy-duty, one-piece leather ski boot ideally suited for trail use, overnight ski touring and light telemark use. The Andrew Claut ski boot is a 3-pin boot that is compatible with the Rottefella Supertelemark binding or any of the cable bindings.
$499.95    Available in-store.




andrew zenith ski boot

The Andrew Zenith ski boot is a heavy-duty, one-piece leather ski boot ideally suited for overnight ski-touring and telemark use (where the strap provides more power and control than in the Andrew Claut ski boot). The Andrew Zenith ski boot is a 3-pin boot that is compatible with the Rottefella Supertelemark binding. If you are looking for more turning control for telemark skiing, opt for a cable binding such as the Rottefella Chilli.
$549.95    Available in-store.




scott excursion ski boot

The Scott Excursion ski boot is a flexible, plastic boot that offers comfortable touring and superior warmth. The Scott Excursion provides significantly more turning control when telemark skiing than a leather ski boot. The Scott Excursion ski boot is a 3-pin boot that is compatible with the Rottefella Supertelemark binding, but is better suited to being paired with a cable binding.
$599.95   Available in-store.



backcountry xcd & TELEMARK touring ski poles



The Masters Ultra Tour ski pole is made from a special shaft material called CALU which is a combination of an aluminium alloy 7075 F56 core wrapped with woven carbon. This gives the ideal result of low weight but high strength. The pole also features a soft touch Palmo handle which is comfortable and ergonomiuc for those long touring days. The Clamper Blocking System pole length adjustment allows for easy adjustment with gloves on.
Adjustable length: 115-140cm
$139.95 (pair)    Available in-store.




black boundary probe SKI POLES

A durable and reliable freeride pole with the added benefit of an integrated backup avalanche probe, the Black Diamond Boundary Probe Ski Pole is built for the day-in/day-out thrashing of big lines and resort/backcountry crossovers. The Boundary’s sturdy aluminum construction and FlickLock® Pro adjustability make for versatile performance without breaking the bank, and the poles lower shafts screw together to form a 182 cm backup avalanche probe for snow study or avalanche response.
Adjustable length: 115-140cm
$179.95 (pair)    Available in-store.




black diamond razor carbon SKI POLES

Combining the durability of an aluminum upper with the reduced swing weight of a carbon fiber lower, the Black Diamond Razor Carbon ski poles are built for the dedicated backcountry skier. The Razor Carbon's grip offers improved ergonomics, while FlickLock adjustability allows for easy and secure length changes. We also included a rubber grip extension for choking up while sidehilling on the skin track.
Adjustable length: 115-140cm
$189.95 (pair)    Available in-store.




msr flight 2 SKI POLES

Light, fast and ultra-reliable, Flight™ 2 poles feature our SureLock™ Adjustment System, which employs a positive push-button locking design to ensure no-slip performance. Built of ultralight, strong 7,000-series aluminum that’s extruded into a non-rotating tri-lobe shape for spot-on locking alignment, these two-section poles are the top choice of backcountry skiers, snowshoers and winter hikers who prefer a streamlined, minimalist design.
Adjustable length: 105-140cm
$262.95 (pair)    Available in-store.



backcountry xcd & TELEMARK touring ski bindings


rottefella nbc auto ski bindings

The Rottefella NBC Auto is best for cross-country skiing, although the design allows for performance on the occasional off-trail adventure.
Available in-store.




rottefella nbc magnum ski bindings

The Rottefella NBC Magnum is a wider-based NBC ski binding that is designed for trail use and light off-trail use. This binding has a manual locking mechanism.
    Available in-store.




rottefella supertelemark 75mm ski bindings

The Rottefella Supertelemark is a 3-pin ski binding suitable for daytrip, overnight touring and light telemark use.
Available in-store.




voile 3 pin cable 75mm ski bindings

Introduced in 1989, the name is a bit of a misnomer. As with all Voilé tele bindings, there really is no cable in the conventional sense. Instead, a pair of long, rigid, coiled springs with hooks and a locking heel piece complete the necessary toe-to-heel loop. The springs expand ever so slightly with each telemark turn and can be easily adjusted on the heel end. It’s a design that has stood the test of time, and still is very popular with skiers who prefer the comfort and flex of leather and softer-plastic telemark boots.
Available in-store.




rottefella r 75mm cable ski bindings

This binding is a classic! A Rottefella 75 mm three pin binding with cable designed for low leather boots or softer plastic boots.
Short fits shoe sizes 36-44.
Long fits
shoe sizes 42-49
Available in-store.






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