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The Wilderness Shop began as an independent outdoor shop in 1980. Originally located in Carrington Street, Box Hill, The Wilderness Shop soon outgrew those premises, and we moved to our current location on Whitehorse Road in Box Hill in 1995. Needless to say, plenty has changed over the proceeding four decades. Equipment has definitely become lighter and more specialised.

Four decades of outdoor retailing experience has taught us that customers want real choice when it comes to their equipment and clothing. Everyone seems to be looking for something different, which is the reason why The Wilderness Shop stocks a wide range of products in each major line. For example, we stock over 30 different tents and shelters, over 25 rain jackets, around 40 different shoes and boots and countless hundreds of rockclimbing gadgets.

As an independent store, The Wilderness Shop is able to handpick the stock that we sell from manufacturers from around the world. What’s more, the staff at The Wilderness Shop are keen outdoors people, and the chances are that one of the staff members has personally used almost every item in the store. This means that we can offer you real-life experience and advice.